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  • 05/18
  • 2023
  • 08/17
  • 2021

Common Terms In The Sand And Gravel Industry (II)

Do you know that these are common terms in the sand and gravel industry? High-performance concrete, aggregates, irregular coarse aggregate particles, natural sand, machine-made sand, artificial sand, mixed sand, fine machine-made sand, gravel, pebbles, 1-2 sto...

  • 08/10
  • 2021

Frequently Asked Questions about Machine-made Sand

Machine-made sand is an indispensable material in engineering construction and plays an important role, but many users do not have a thorough understanding of machine-made sand. Here, some common knowledge of machine-made sand is introduced for your reference....

  • 07/30
  • 2021

Vanguard Donated Disaster Relief Goods To Help The Reconstruction Of The Hometown After The Disaster!

A rare and heavy rainstorm raided Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan, was hit by the largest rainstorm in history at about 3 pm on July 20. The maximum hourly rainfall reached 120-201.9 mm in 4-5 pm on the 20th in Zhengzhou urban area, and the single-hour rainfal...

  • 07/29
  • 2021

Powerful Performance, One Unit—Impact Crusher Of Vanguard Machinery

With the acceleration of urban infrastructure, people's demand for sand and gravel aggregates has gradually increased. The importance of the impact crusher is self-evident, as one of the commonly used equipment in the sand and gravel aggregate production l...

  • 07/23
  • 2021

200 T/H Mobile Crushing Production Line Was Successfully Put Into Operation in Zhejiang

China is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China in July. 200T/H granite mobile crushing production line designed and built by Vanguard Machinery was successfully put into operation, news came from a customer in the so...

  • 07/16
  • 2021

5X New Sand Making Machine-The Sharp Arrow Of The Sand Making Industry

The 5X new sand making machine is modified and upgraded on the basis of the traditional vertical shaft sand making machine. Through the design of each part and the use of wear-resistant materials, the overall performance of the crusher is further improved. It ...

  • 07/01
  • 2021

Introduction of 1-2 And 1-3 Gravel, Coarse And Fine sand, Mud And Powder And Other Industry Terms Introduction of 1-2 And 1-3 Gravel, Coarse And Fine sand, Mud And Powder And Other Industry Terms

In the sand and gravel industry, we often say 1-2, 1-3 gravel. If you enter the industry early, you must understand what it means, but newcomers may wonder what size gravel is this? The 1-2 and 1-3 stones were a question that a friend consulted a few days ago,...

  • 06/25
  • 2021

What are the procedures for opening a construction waste sand making plant? How to declare? What issues need attention?

As the urbanization process continues accelerating, the amount of construction waste produced and discharged in cities is also rapidly increasing. If construction waste cannot be treated in time, it will inevitably have an adverse impact on society, the enviro...

  • 06/24
  • 2021

How Does The Crusher Achieve Normal Production Under High Temperatures?

Recently, the temperature has reached more than 30℃ in many places across the country. And the continuous high-temperature environment will bring many difficulties to the use of crushers and other mining equipment. In addition, rainy and humid summers will als...

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